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Artist residencies

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Stage 3 residencies

We are blessed by music. By theatre. By words and paintings. By art forms in all shapes and sizes. To create, artists need time, silence, space.

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Stage3 is a place for creatives. There’s space for a writer, a painter, a band, or urban youth who need to sit by a stream and dream. Our first resident was a singer-songwriter who composed, rehearsed and performed on Stage3, and at Seattle’s longest running house concert series, Our House.


She’s coming to hear herself think. It’s quiet here. Sometimes it may look like she is doing nothing at all. Art requires staring, sometimes sitting in tall grasses of wonderment. Overhead, a feathered audience listens to reiterative riffs, monotonous scales, lines spoken and sung over and over. They may be her first audience, or one of many.

Ext French Doors Plants copy.jpeg


Stage 3 was gifted with a donation to make the first residency possible. Through Humanities Washington, we began a community forum in 2023. The plan is to employ author readings or music performances to generate discussions on important topics. If you know of grants or donors, or are interested yourself in funding a forum speaker or resident, please let us know on the CONTACT page. Even if it’s the glimmer of an idea or a contribution of wood or electric cable, it helps. It takes so many hands to raise a barn, and once it’s raised, to fill it with what’s needed to keep humans inspired and connected.


What kind of art will come from these residencies?


The kind created in a rural environment where eagles soar and not even the sky limits imagination. 

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